GRUP PIRINEU wants to become the leading organisation and reference in the Principality of Andorra in quality consultancy and assistance, prevention and safety, health and the environment. It will accomplish this goal with a unified, committed and professional team that – through continuous improvement and hard work – is convinced that it can satisfy its present and future customers’ needs, while contributing to the country’s sustainable development.
The goal of the GRUP PIRINEU is that quality, environmental management and occupational risk prevention in the services it provides are a true and faithful reflection of the expectations, needs and requirements of each customer, as well as the needs of the surrounding area and employees and subcontracted personnel, and in line with applicable legislation and regulations, thus ensuring the company’s long-term success.
For that reason, it declares and commits to these principles:

  • The final quality of the service delivered to customers and the adoption of prevention and control measures of activities with environmental impacts and workplace risks is the result of systematic and planned actions of PREVENTION, POLLUTION PREVENTION, OCCUPATIONAL RISK PREVENTION, SURVEILLANCE OF HEALTH, ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND PROTECTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT throughout the entire creation cycle of the service provided, ENVIRONMENTAL CONDUCT and CONDUCT TOWARD THE WORKPLACE RISKS PRESENT.
  • Contractual requirements, customers’ wishes, needs and expectations, decision making and suitable conduct to reduce effects on people and impacts on the environment, as well as legal and statutory requirements, are the sole criteria for establishing the quality and environmental model for our services and preventing occupational risks and ensuring healthful working conditions.
  • Quality, the environment and occupational risk prevention requirements (behavioural guidelines, environmental requirements and workplace risk prevention applicable to the GRUP PIRINEU) and contractual demands must be objectively translated into internal requirements, which will be made COMPLETELY available to suppliers IN A TIMELY FASHION.
  • Quality, the environment and occupational risk prevention are tasks shared by all areas of the GRUP PIRINEU. Each area must assume that it is a customer and supplier to departments and individuals at the organisation, thus contributing to internal and external communications in issues related to the environment and occupational risk prevention.
  • The creation of a shared business spirit and work environment that motivates employees, suppliers and customers to minimise environmental impact and occupational risks are tasks shared by all members of our organisation. We all work to minimise the quantity of waste generated, reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimise the probability of incidents and/or accidents.
  • Externally, the GRUP PIRINEU has a deep commitment to cooperation and commitment. Cooperation with all people, companies and/or organisations that are committed to quality, respect for the environment and safety. Commitment to people and the country because we believe that it is people who will make the sustainable and effective growth of our company possible, as well as that of the country as a whole.
  • The managing director, manager of the integrated management system and department managers are there to ensure that policies are heeded, implemented and kept up-to-date by all employees reporting to them. They also ensure that the responsibilities assigned to their personnel are carried out with suitable efficiency, as well as obtaining an environment that motivates all their employees to introduce continuous improvements to the Integrated Management System. In addition, all GRUP PIRINEU employees are responsible for the quality of their own work.
  • The managing director establishes and approves the targets and milestones for quality, the environment and occupational risk prevention once a year. The IMS manager is responsible for DRIVING FORWARD the implementation of the policy and quality, environment and occupational risk prevention targets, verifying their execution via audits.

The application of this policy demands the active integration of all company employees. To do this, the managing director considers MOTIVATION and TRAINING in QUALITY, the ENVIRONMENT and OCCUPATIONAL RISK PREVENTION as top priorities, fostering awareness raising and environmental and workplace risk prevention responsibility.
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